Our annealing furnaces

The temperature in our state-of-the-art and high-performance furnace systems, with fully automated program sequences and extremely precise heat supply, reaches up to 1,050 degrees. Precise control timers are responsible for temperature regulation and control of the furnaces. Chart recorders (12 colour recorders) also record all of the data which is required for quality control.

Real-time temperature recording

Thanks to digital temperature indicators, real-time temperature recording and tracking is possible –these are precisely the technical properties that we need to process your components precisely at all times.

Speed factor

We have two of exactly the same furnace which fit into one and the same hood. This allows us to reduce set-up times to almost zero, because work pieces can continue to be treated on one furnace bed while the other furnace cools.

High-performance heat treatment furnaces

These are the technical specifications and dimensions of our heat treatment furnaces. We would be happy to personally provide you with more details.

Furnace 1: 6,700 mm L x 4,300mm W x 2,500 mm H // Max. temperature 1100 °C // Max. load 50 t
Furnace 2: 6,300 mm L x 3,900 mm W x 2,250 mm H // Max. temperature 750 °C // Max. load 40 t
Ofen 3: 4,900 mm L x 3,860 mm W x 2,700 mm H // Max. temperature 750 °C // Max. load 40 t
Furnace 4: 9,000 mm L x 4,700 mm W x 2,760 mm H // Max. temperature 950 °C // Max. load 70 t
Furnace 5: 3,250 mm L x 1,950 mm W x 1,800 mm H // Max. temperature 950 °C // Max. load 25 t
Furnace 6: 14,500 mm L x 4,700 mm W x 2,750 mm H // Max. temperature 950 °C // Max. load 200 t
Furnace 7: 7,500 mm L x 7,500 mm W x 2,300 mm H // Max. temperature 1150 °C // Max. load 100 t
E-furnace I: 1,300 mm L x 1,150 mm W x 530 mm H // Max. temperature 1100 °C // Max. load 0.75 t
E-furnace II: 2,400 mm L x 1,000 mm W x 950 mm H // Max. temperature 1300 °C // Max. load 1.5 t

Annealing processes

From quenching through solution annealing, normalising and stress relief annealing – the right heat treatment consists of complex heating and cooling processes. At the same time, it is important to consider what material it is – steels, metals, non-ferrous metals like aluminium 5000 series or 7000 series (T6) have different properties. We explain various annealing processes and heat treatments in our service portfolio. But we are also happy to provide personal advice.