Our blasting systems

Sandblasting is the preliminary and follow-up treatment which is required for almost all annealing treatments. It is used to remove rust, scale, lacquer and paint residues from steel. Here, the jet of cast iron granulate is applied at high speed using compressed air or shot-blasting wheels. Of course, sandblasting also numbers among our services. We are equipped for it with four different blasting systems and a paint shop for priming.

Benefits of sandblasting

Surface treatment using sandblasting is generally significantly more cost-effective than replacing the affected part. We are happy to advise you.

Priming and coating

Machine parts, containers, system components, etc. which have been blasted can be primed and given a base coat in our modern free jet cleaning cabins.

Blasting systems for top performance

These are the technical specifications and dimensions of our blasting systems. We would be happy to personally provide you with more details.

Free jet cleaning cabin 1: 9,000 mm L x 4,500 mm W x 5,000 mm H // 43 tons (unit weight) maximum crane capacity
Free jet cleaning cabin 2: 18,000 mm L x 7,000 mm W x 5,500 mm H // 100 tons (unit weight) maximum crane capacity // 2 sandblasters for parallel working
Construction blaster: 13,000 mm L x 2,600 mm W x 1,400 mm H // Sheets up to 3,000 mm possible (max. sheet thickness = 150 mm)
In-line plant: 6,000 mm L x 1,400 mm W x 500 mm H // Rapid processing of flat work pieces in an in-line process // Even complex parts are optimally blasted thanks to high-performance shot-blasting wheels
Paint shop: 18,000 mm L x 7,000 mm W x 5,500 mm H // 100 tonnes maximum crane capacity