At home in Siegerland for 25 years

Over the years, we have continuously expanded our capacity so that we are able to handle an extremely wide range of requirements in the shortest time and maintain long-term customer relationships.

As a successful employer in the region, we want to continue to grow at the Kreuztal-Buschhütten site in the future. Here, we do not equate growth exclusively with getting bigger. As a company, it is also always about growing together and consequently rising to challenges together as a team.

The phoenix effect

Getting the best out of your products – that is our stated aim. That's why we also like to talk about the phoenix effect in this context. Just like the firebird of legend, your work pieces have an entirely new splendour after annealing and impress with new, improved quality. Just as the phoenix is reborn from the flames stronger than before, your work piece comes out of our furnaces as an enhanced, refined product.

Our contri­bution to sustain­ability

To some extent, our daily working processes involve high energy expenditure. We do not simply sit back and accept this. That's why we are continually optimising the points where it is possible in order to neutralise our CO2 balance sheet and make a contribution to sustainability. We have already invested in an entire fleet of electric vehicles and use a smart energy management system for our furnaces and halls.


Key milestones shape the history of our company. We would like to give you a brief insight into and look back at the last 25 years here – but the history of the company should not by any means be limited to the individual milestones. All told, it is the small steps every day that make us successful as a company: assuming responsibility to customers and employees and handling one product after the next which meets the highest standards.

Founding of the company: by Robert Debus † on around 300 m² on the former SMS company site in Buschhütten.
New construction in Buschhütten: construction of an entirely new company headquarters across roughly 6,000 m² in Kreuztal-Buschhütten.
Plant II extension: the new site is expanded. Larger components can now be handled with plant II and a new annealing furnace.
Plant II: an approximately 70 metre long new build is added to plant II. State-of-the-art processing of large parts and sustainability are combined with a focus on customers.
Phoenix effect: the phoenix effect highlights the philosophy of the company: “Bringing out the best” becomes the new company claim.
New annealing furnaces: a new annealing furnace as well as annealing in two new electric furnaces working for all they’re worth to process your work pieces.
25 years of DEBUS annealing: we celebrate our success together with the entire team and are highly motivated to continue meeting all of our customers’ requirements in the future.
Conversion of our blasting system: With the conversion of our blasting system, we are reducing our energy consumption and optimising the use of resources - thanks to the new control technology.

25 years of experience

By now, we have been processing work pieces and machine components of all types with the highest standards for industry for 25 years for all sectors.

Everything in one place

In addition to all processing steps in relation to heat treatments, we also offer you sandblasting and priming in the same place.

Individual test annealing processes

We are happy to facilitate individual test annealing processes until the material meets your requirements and provide you with experience and advice.

Annealing process with digital documentation

In the field of digital annealing processes, we have deliberately positioned ourselves as one of the best-positioned companies in our industry. We will describe the progression of our annealing processes, which customers from right across Germany as well as from Italy, Switzerland and Austria rely on, here.

Customer specifications & requirements: Do you have very specific requirements or need advice regarding the annealing method? We carry out test annealing for challenging work pieces upon request until the material meets the requirements. Our experienced employees are available to you for all of the preliminary planning.
Furnace programming and attachment of the thermocouples: As soon as all of the preparations have been made, the furnace is programmed and the thermocouples are attached to your work piece. All of our heat treatment furnaces are equipped with various temperature zones and are digitally controlled – we thus achieve the quickest lead times and extremely precise dwell times.
Annealing process and permanent documentation: Thanks to the temperature elements attached, your work piece is monitored 24/7 upon request and the annealing process is recorded. Key holding levels and their duration can be seen in minute detail afterwards.
Tamper-proof documentation and long-lasting results: Bringing out the best – our promise of long-lasting results is based on the fact that we provide you with data authenticity and tamper-proof documentation at any time, which attests to the progression of our annealing processes.
Handover with annealing certificate: At the end of the annealing process, we hand over your work piece, which has been perfectly treated for further processing, to you along with an annealing certificate which guarantees you verifiable quality. You can also request a subsequent diagram at any time if this is required.