5th Annual Luca Debus Memorial Tournament

On the occasion of the 5th Annual Luca-Debus Memorial Tournament, the Siegener Zeitung reported the following on 27 May 2015:

Hellertal and Siegen in First Place

SV Gosenbach organises first part of the 5th Annual Luca Debus Memorial Tournament

sz Gosenbach The SV Gosenbach organised the first part of the 5th Annual Luca Debus Memorial Tournament. Youth leader Ralph Rottler and his team were pleased with the popular and very fair football matches. For the twelve F Junior teams, Sportfr. Siegen and FC Eiserfeld met again in the final following the common qualifying round. The victors won with a score of 4:0 and had a total of seven games without conceding a goal throughout the tournament.

In the afternoon, a total of ten teams with nine players met on a reduced-size D youth field. The JSG Hellertal won the cup with a 1:0 final victory over their local rivals Borussia Salchendorf 1. The tournament victor already beat the 2nd Salchendorf team with a score of 1:0 in the semi-final. ia Salchendorf 1. At the victor ceremony, the winner and the 2 runners up each received large victor trophies. And finally, just as every year, every player received a trophy donated by the Debus family as a keepsake of the tournament.

An overview of the finals:

D youth
  • Semi-final: JSG Wippetal - Borussia Salchendorf 1:2 penalty shoot-out, JSG Hellertal - Borussia Salchendorf 2. 1:0.
  • Placement matches: Final: JSG Hellertal - Borussia Salchendorf 1. 1:0; 3rd place: JSG Wippetal - Borussia Salchendorf 2. 2:1 penalty shoot-out; 5th place: SV Gosenbach 1. - SV Gosenbach 2. 2:0; 7th place: SuS Niederschelden - FC Eiserfeld 1:0; 9th place: JSG Neunkhausen - JSG Wippetal 2. victory by default
F youth
  • Semi-final: Sportfr. Siegen - 1. FC Littfeld 2. 6:0, FC Eiserfeld - SuS Niederschelden 1:0.
  • Placement matches: Final: Sportfr. Siegen - FC Eiserfeld 4:0; 3rd place: SuS Niederschelden - 1.FC Littfeld 2. 2:0; 5th place: FC Littfeld - Borussia Salchendorf 3:1 penalty shoot-out; 7th place: Sportfr. Edertal - SV Gosenbach 2. 4:0; 9th place: SV Gosenbach 1. - SG Neunkirchen 2. 2:0; 11th place: SuS Niederschelden 2. - TSV Siegen 4:0.

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