Surface treatment:
Priming, painting, coating

In our new and modern painting facility / open jet blasting chamber, blasted components, containers, system parts and more can be furnished with primer, a base coat, a finishing coat (no matter whether 1-component or 2-component paint) or a high-quality coating.

This treatment requires an absolutely clean surface from which every trace of rust has been removed. We achieve this by sandblasting the surface, which is one of our areas of expertise. Our new painting facility / open jet blasting chamber was designed with energy-saving features as well as to be ideal for this process. It enables us to process (sandblast, paint, coat) your components with individual weights of up to 100 t quickly. The dimensions of the chamber are approx. 20 m x 7 m x 7 m. The exact dimensions can be provided upon request.

We naturally also carry out all our work professionally, competently and with a high degree of punctuality. Ask for our 24-hour service.