The range of Debus services
at a glance

Materials we treat include heat-resistant alloy steel as well as alloy casting materials and high-tensile structural steel — at greater thicknesses as well.


Our services in the field of annealing include pre-heating machine components prior to welding, post heat treatments following welding and metal-forming processes, stress-relief annealing, soft annealing and normalisation as well as specialised annealing and homogenising of aluminium ingots.

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Heat treating

With the heat treating method, material properties such as strength, temperature stability, surface hardness and ductility are improved using temperature changes. This enables treated components to be made significantly more durable.

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With the sandblasting method, rust, cinder, paint and lacquer residue as well as other dirt can be removed from steel, concrete or wood. For this, sand is applied to the surface to be treated using a compressor with a powerful jet of air. This acts as an abrading medium. The jet of sand serves to pre-treat the material before the subsequent surface protectant is applied.

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Glass bead blasting

Thanks to our cutting-edge pressure blasting cabinet, we are able to offer our customers glass bead blasting for smaller components made of stainless steel and aluminium (aluminium rims, for example). With this technology, particularly fine surface structures can be generated to the point of having a polishing effect.

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Priming, painting, coating

In our new and modern painting facility / open jet blasting chamber, blasted components, containers, system parts and more can be furnished with primer, a base coat, a finishing coat (no matter whether 1-component or 2-component paint) or a high-quality coating. This treatment requires an absolutely clean surface from which every trace of rust has been removed.

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