Annealing - the right temperatures for optimum results

Annealing is a part of heat treating, which can be used to improve material properties such as strength, temperature stability, surface hardness and ductility. This enables treated components to be made significantly more durable. In this area, you can count on us for the highest degree of competence.

Our services in the field of annealing include pre-heating machine components prior to welding, post heat treatments following welding and metal-forming processes, stress-relief annealing, soft annealing and normalisation as well as specialised annealing and homogenising of aluminium ingots.

Annealing provides numerous advantages:

  • Mechanical properties are improved
  • Mechanical processing is optimised (cutting and non-cutting)
  • Microstructures are improved for cold forming
  • Reduction in machining and processing stress
  • Restoration of the original condition